Leaps and Bounds

Product Description

Have you ever wanted to try your Ninja or Leap frog skills? With the Leaps and Bounds interactive course you're going to get your chance. This game features a series of 4 giant inflatable balls which challengers must leap across to reach the other side. Try to cross the course by leaping from ball to ball like a frog or running across the giant balls to make it to the other side without falling. But don't worry if you fall off, the floor of the pit is protected by a super soft landing cushion with patented air bag technology. Ask about theme-ing Leaps and Bounds to fit your next sports event. We can change out the balls to reflect the sports theme of your choice. All baseballs or all basketballs.

People Per Hour


Power Equipment

(2) 20 Amp Circuits

Set-Up Time

1 Hour to Set Up

Space Required

39' x 21' x 12' Minimum

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