Psychic Pavillion/hr

Product Description

We all remember the Wizard of Oz! Well, let's bring professor Marvel's Fortune telling to your next event! We provide the two tellers and a decorated tent. The tent is a free-standing Psychic Tent (10’ X 10’) stylishly decorated with swaged gold and black specialty fabrics and covered tables accessorized with lamps and curious supernatural paraphernalia to suggest a mysterious Fortuneteller’s Salon in Renaissance Venice. All people in there are professional spiritualists. We each dress in richly-detailed black and golden or white and golden costumes (like in Renaissance Venice).... We learned there to block out ALL distractions. Tents are an important part of any special event. Our Psychic Pavilion can be the perfect way to shade your guests from the sun, or keep the wind out, or any other weather elements.

People Per Hour

Power Equipment

N/A Circuits

Set-Up Time

30 Minutes to Set Up

Space Required

10' X 10' Minimum

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