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Product Description

Flash Frozen Ice Cream is an event experience that makes ice cream on the spot using liquid nitrogen. Your guests will choose from six bases, including a premium cream or custard base, low-fat cream, yogurt, or soy/rice milk. After the base is chosen, the customer can choose as many flavors as he or she wants and add favorite mix-ins. Then the bowl of cream is blasted with liquid nitrogen, pouring clouds of vapor over the table. The cream freezes almost immediately in front of the your guests eyes. Instead of whipping the ice cream full of air and letting it freeze slowly in a freezer, a burst of liquid nitrogen freezes a single serving of fresh cream and ingredients in 15 seconds or less. This prevents large ice crystals typically found in ice cream from forming, creating the smoothest, creamiest ice cream around.

Product Specifications

People Per Hour 40-60
Power Requirement N/A
Set-up Time 1 Hour
Space Required (1) 8' TABLE

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