AJ Paradis –Senior Lead Team Member/Amusement Safety Officer

AJ graduated from Lasell College with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management in 2008. AJ’s background in Business Management gives him a sophisticated grasp on executing and managing all of our events, but his real passion comes from applying that knowledge to his technical expertise while executing every event seamlessly.

AJ has been an essential part of our company for over 8 years. AJ is one of our Senior Lead Team Members, as well as one of our Amusement Safety Officers. He leads most of our out of state events, while also assisting with all of the production and scheduling of our local events. AJ collaborates with Bobby in leading the team member trainings, and he assists with updating the safety maintenance logs. AJ has been NAARSO (National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials) certified for 3 years, while he also obtains the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety Certification.

AJ currently lives right outside of Boston, although he grew up in a small town in Maine which grounds his love for the outdoors. When AJ is not on the road traveling or keeping busy around the warehouse, you will find him on a snowmobile in the outskirts of Maine or at any of the Boston sport games. He is definitely a diehard Boston Bruins and the New England Patriots fan.

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